Sierra met us in Washington, NJ in April 2000. She is a mix of Labrador and Dalmatian. While people often think that you chose the dog, we believe that the dog chooses you, and the day we met Sierra,she chose us.

She has now been with us for 8 1/2 years, 4 of those have been in Randall, MN. She took to rural MN almost immediately. It is hard to imagine that she spent 4 years hearing commuter trains go buy every day. Now she hears cows bellowing at night.

Sierra watching our road Sierra watching our road On the couch On the couch Did you find something to eat Did you find something to eat?
She's tackling a bone She's tackling a bone Wearing ribbons for Christmas Wearing ribbons for Christmas Is she limping again? Is she limping again?
Stalwart in the snow Stalwart in the snow Outside, in early July 2008 Outside this July She's always looking for something, September 2008 She's always looking for something