Sierra met us in Washington, NJ in April 2000. She was one of two dogs we looked at. She is a mix of Labrador and Dalmatian. Almost immediately we knew that we would be partners. She was an impressive dog, smart and well behaved. She charmed us (and apparently everyone else she met).

She knew that we needed the benefits of a well behaved puppy dog. In the last 5 years she has spent many hours carefully training us in the proper way to behave. In NJ she carefully minded our first floor, now that we are on one floor she covers the whole house.

She has learned over those years to accept our mistakes with grace.

Sierra and Shawnne having a disagreement Sierra helping Shawnne with the yardwork.

Sierra looking over the lawn Sierra looking over the lawn

She's chasing herself She's chasing herself

Checking out the hotel during our move last year

Where's that skunk

Sierra resting in the snow Resting in the snow

guarding the front walk Guarding the front walk